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We are always happy to offer free estimates over the phone and we don't change our prices once we arrive. We often receive calls asking us to match $15 or $19 service calls. Unfortunately there are many companies offering these rates but we know after they arrive their $15 or $19 quote is very far from the actual total cost you end up paying. This is what we call the "Bait and Switch" technique. They offer this price to reel you in because they know it is too good to pass up. Once they arrive they can then use the excuse that the $15 or $19 service call is only the cost for them to show up so they can then charge you up to 5 times what an honest locksmith would have charged you to let you in your home or auto or re-key your locks. They are known for telling customers their locks cannot be re-keyed, only after they have installed new lock hardware and then hand you a huge bill for the new locks. They may also tell you your locks or keys are a particular brand or type that requires special equipment, tools or supplies and will then quote an astronomical price no where near their original quote of around $20. They may wait to tell you it will cost more once they have already started the work or even after they have completed the work. Don't fall for it. Make them provide an estimate in writing before they start. That way you can cover yourself. You have the right to decline their outrageous service charges and ask them to leave. There are reviews all over google and yelp describing these situations so please check a company's reviews before you use them.


Please know that we may be higher than our competition that claims they offer $15 or $19 service calls but we don't change our prices once we arrive. We usually ask questions over the phone before we arrive to properly quote and assess your situation so that we both know what to expect once I arrive. If I don't think that I can properly quote you over the phone I usually ask for a picture of your lock or key or I will come out to your location to take a look in person. After 30 years in this industry, specializing in automotive, commercial and residential locksmithing I have the experience and qualifications to offer you the 5 star service you deserve. As a second generation locksmith I find that I am one of the few locksmiths out there that has the integrity to offer you honest advice and prices. We never tell you that you need new equipment if your equipment is repairable. I love being a locksmith and making my customers happy. I was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA so everyone that knows me have always known right where to find me since I am in the same house I grew up in. You know that when you need me, I am always there for you. I find myself very lucky to have had the privilege of growing up in the Conejo Valley and learning this trade from a very young age since locksmithing was my father's profession so I really believe you won't find a more dedicated and qualified locksmith around. 

Larry Oberle


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