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Automotive Locksmith Services

If you need a Thousand Oaks Locksmith for your vehicle you have come to the right place.  Automotive locksmithing is our specialty.  I am a second generation locksmith who has been specializing in Automotive for over 30 years.  I have the most state of the art computerized equipment in the business to cut, duplicate and program new keys for you.  Many of the vehicles on the road today are computerized so they have a "chip" in the head of the key that is programmed to start your vehicle.  If your keys are lost, damaged or stolen we can come to your location and replace your keys for you to get you back on the road again in no time.  In most cases we can match or beat our competitor's prices including the dealer. Our mobile emergency service is available 24/7 or we can schedule an appointment for you at your convenience.


We also offer a special service for those of you that have lost the keys to your early model Lexus or Toyota. We have the equipment to reflash, reprogram or reset your auto's computer and also make you new keys that will start your vehicle at your location. Most auto dealers don't carry the equipment to reflash your auto's computer so the only option they have is to replace it even though it is uneccessary and very expensive. If this ever happens please feel free to call us for a free quote before you have your vehicle towed to the dealer. Most auto dealer's charge up to $2500 to replace your computer and in most cases we can save you up to 80 percent off the auto dealer's price by simply reflashing/reprogramming your auto's computer instead of replacing it.

Auto/Car Lockouts/Lock Outs
Emergency Mobile Service

We are equipped with the most advanced automotive tools and equipment available to get you back on the road again in no time. Please call us for a free estimate.

Lost Auto/Car Keys
Replace Lost/Damaged Keys

We stock a large selection of auto keys and we are equipped with the latest automotive cutting and programming technology so we can originate most vehicle keys.

Repair Auto/Car Door/Trunk Locks
Repair, Replace & Re-Key Auto Door/Trunk Locks

If your auto locks have started to fail in most cases we can repair them.  Please call us for a free estimate at 805-300-5625.

Repair/Replace Ignition
Repair, Replace & Re-Key Ignitions

Ignition failures are a common problem we service.  Please call us at 805-300-5625 for a free estimate.

Laser/Transponder/VATS Chip Keys
Laser, Transponder & VATS Chip Keys

We are equipped with the latest automotive cutting & programming technology to duplicate or replace your high security auto keys.

Duplicate Keys
Duplicate Keys

If you are down to just one key for your vehicle don't take a chance.  Have us duplicate a spare key for you. Call us at 805-300-5625 for a free estimate.

Remove Broken Key Lock/Ignition
Auto Lock & Ignition Broken Key Extraction/Removal

We can remove the broken piece from your auto lock or ignition and replace your key for you at your location.

Open Locked Trunk Lockouts
Trunk Lockouts

Trunk lookouts is a very common service we provide and we have over 30 years experience in the industry so please feel free to call us for a free estimate.

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